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Cordova / Ionic Important Plugins


Cordova / Ionic Important Plugins

9 months, 2 weeks ago
Hi All,

If you are Developing Cordova / Ionic Apps. Following are the plugins which are very useful while implementation and Using Core Functionalities of Android / IOS Like - Accessing contacts number, Camera, Download Document, View Document etc.
You can install these plugins from following mentioned commands -

1. cordova-plugin-whitelist  //Plugin allows App to access Mobile's In Built Functionality

2. cordova-plugin-image-picker //Open Gallery to pick an Image

3. cordova-plugin-camera //Open camera to take a picture

4. cordova-plugin-contacts //You can pick a contact from your contact list

5. com.dbaq.cordova.contactsPhoneNumbers //Access all the contacts of your contact list

6. cordova-plugin-device //Give device type - Android / IOS 

7. cordova-plugin-file //Core plugin for accessing file

8. cordova-plugin-file-transfer // For Upload and download File

9. cordova-plugin-file-opener2 // For open files in App File

10. cordova-plugin-geolocation //Gives geo location of device

11. cordova-plugin-inappbrowser //for direct email / call

12. cordova-plugin-splashscreen // for Splashscreen on app 

13. cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing // For social sharing Like - Whatsapp/Facebook

14. phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner //Scan QR code

15. phonegap-plugin-push //For push notifications

16. ionic-plugin-keyboard //For keyboard

Use these plugins in your Cordova / Ionic App . And make it more user friendly.

Please ask me for any query.

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