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What should we do on Convergence 10th Anniversary Celebration? Voting is closed Entertainment 28 3 months ago
What should be the name of our Chatbot? It should sound Indian Voting possible Business 24 7 months ago
New tag line for uKnowva, Vote for ur favorite Voting possible General 18 8 months ago
Email ID should be visible on uKnowva My Colleagues Page? Voting possible General 25 9 months ago
Picnic spot Voting is closed Entertainment 18 2 years ago
What should be the name of my product ? plese suggest Voting possible Science and Technology 16 2 years ago
Which Government returned over 200 cultural artifacts valued over USD100 million to India? Voting is closed News and Current Events 2 3 years ago
Who among the following has been named as ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission’s youth-based wing ‘Swachh Saathi’? Voting is closed General Knowledge 5 3 years ago
In which year Elephanta Caves designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Voting is closed General Knowledge 3 3 years ago
In the 2008, Online Survey, which of the following is not one of the New Seven Wonders Voting is closed Countries and Places 5 3 years ago
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