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Who gave Symbol to our currency i.e. Rupees? Voting possible General Knowledge 35 3 years ago
In which place the world's first office building constructed using 3-D printer is set to come up? Voting is closed General Knowledge 6 4 years ago
Which of these countries has Narendra Modi not visited as prime minister of India? Voting is closed Politics 9 4 years ago
What should we call uKnowva version 2.5.x? (2.4.x was called stallion) Voting possible Business 21 4 years ago
Most talked topic these days.. What do you think? Voting is closed Science and Technology 6 5 years ago
What do u think should be with respect to our new office Voting possible Real Estate 34 5 years ago
How many unique visitors does your website get every day? Voting possible Management 24 5 years ago
What is your favorite digital camera brand? Voting is closed General Knowledge 27 5 years ago
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